Career Summary
I enjoy working on projects that not only make use of open source tools and open standards, but also contribute back to the community at large, helping to shape the future of how we communicate.

I'm especially interested in open data, open gov, open APIs, digital rights, and building highly concurrent event-driven applications. See my website for more info: ryanjarvinen.com

Please do not contact me about open jobs - please do contact me about open source!

Technical Skills
  • Languages: JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, UML, C, Shell Scripting, LabVIEW, Scheme, Assembly (MIPS), and Spanish.
  • Experience: Cloud computing and virtual servers, Search (SOLR/Lucene), Caching (memcached, squid), UI UX and DX design, project management, process queues, message queues, graphic arts, geo-spatial and location-based computing, technical writing, authentication and authorization control tools and design, systems administration, LAMP, HTML5, SQL, NoSQL, and more.
  • Favorite Frameworks, Libraries, Tools, & Toolkits: Node.js, Sinatra, bottle, flask, CouchDB, jQuery, Redis, Django, Ruby on Rails, Firebug, curl, Leaflet Maps.
  • Leadership: Frequent conference speaker. Frequent hackathon mentor and organizer. Co-Organizer for the SF Bay Developer Advocates and Evangelists group. Co-Origanizer for the Silicon Valley OpenShift Meetup. Organized Oakland's first cryptoparty event. Started Sacramento's Ruby User Brigade (back in 2005).
  • Academic Subjects: Distributed Systems, Operating System Design, Intelligent Systems, Senior Project (sensorweb dev for NASA), Logic Design, Database Management and File Organization.
  • Meta: GTD, SCRUM, Agile, REST, design patterns, digital rights, automation, asynch, event-driven, web services, tags, contexts, good people, interface design, open source, augmented reality, DIY projects, open government, open standards, arduino, music, fun.
Work Experience
  • Open Source Evangelist - Red Hat in Oakland, CA .
    I'm really excited to be working on Openshift, Red Hat's open-source hybrid-cloud Platform-as-a-service! Sign up for OpenShift Online, and we'll grant you access to three of our cloud-hosted Linux environments (or gears) for free.
    Come test drive the most advanced open source cloud hosting platform available, and let me know what you think.
  • Developer Advocate - Eventbrite in San Francisco, CA . While leading the Developer Relations program at Eventbrite…
  • Senior Software Engineer - Linden Lab in San Francisco, CA . At Linden Lab (creators of SecondLife, the world's largest open-ended 3D virtual world), I worked on Customer Lifecycle Management (registration, billing systems, account upgrades, affiliate programs) and briefly on the Search team. I developed web-services, web applications and toolkits, and dealt with large-scale deployments and high-volume traffic.
    • I translated requirements from the product team into prioritized technical roadmaps and deliverables. Then, followed through by getting the project through each stage of implementation, including: development, internationalization, test plan delivery to QA team, staging and deployment, test automation, A/B testing and metrics validation, documentation, postmortem reviews, and more.
    • I administered and maintained our in-house A/B testing framework, while collaborating with product owners and data warehouse teams to identify and track success metrics, and to monitor performance of production web services / features.
    • I made major improvements to the registration API and the billing system, and used those new features to build an improved registration workflow that resulted in a 20% increase in monetization for new users.
    • I helped lead automation of concurrent cloud-based cross-browser testing to quickly validate new features and workflows, minimizing the turn-around time for testing by extending and optimizing our in-house framework. We were the first group with automated deployment and regression testing, and a continuous integration / build system.
  • Software Engineer - Earfl Inc. in Berkeley, CA. . While at earfl, I worked with a small team to develop a web-based audio hosting platform and social hub. We built a suite of content creation and sharing tools mixing in services from EC2, S3, flickr, google maps, facebook, and youtube. Much of our site was designed using javascript widgets that used our API as a dataservices layer.
    • We provided a RESTful API and a ruby gem that allowed developers to quickly integrate with our service to add dynamic audio content to their sites.
    • We offered several data collection services, including web-based recording (via flash widgets), SIP calls, as well as traditional PTSN dial-in support (and phone number provisioning); enabling communities to crowdsource their content collection and distribution.
  • Developer / PM - Invision Design and Development Group in Sacramento, CA . At InvisionDDG's office in Sacramento I produced project estimates (bids), met with clients, defined project timelines, and wrote a lot of code. We focused on building community and/or service oriented web applications for clients using Ruby on Rails, Django, and trac.
  • Lead Developer / Site Architect - at Leading Resources Inc. in Sacramento, CA . My work at LRI involved leading a small team of web developers. I wrote up project schedules, defined milestones, and developed a suite of web applications designed to bring our advancements in team-building and social-networking to the web.
    • Wrote an RBAC authentication and authorization system for RoR and established single sign-on accross our web systems; allowing tracking of users, and cross-promotion of services and features.
    • Ported existing web services (from PHP to Ruby), and successfully migrated legacy client data.
  • Student Intern - at Agilent Technologies in Folsom, CA . This internship allowed me to work as a part of the two-person team which developed the drivers for Agilent's new 6890N series Gas Chromatograph machine. These drivers, written using LabVIEW, enable arrays of Gas Chromatograph machines to be automated; including their injection sequences.
  • Software Developer - at S.A.I. in El Dorado Hills . This position required a meticulous understanding of Linux and SCO systems programming in conjunction with telecommunications terminology and PBX call record output specifications. I worked on extremely large sed scripts, and helped design a solid state network monitoring device with an embedded realtime Linux kernal.
  • Linux Developer - for UCDAVIS Lab Management, Davis, CA . The UCD Linux Development Project was created to port the university's computer lab services from HPUX to less expensive hardware running Linux. Legacy code designed to monitor and improve network functionality for the labs and classrooms was ported from C to Perl.
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
California State University, Sacramento,